Jem neck, no good

The Jem Jr. neck is the wrong size.  The placement doesn’t work so I’ve ordered a replacement net from eBay with the correct size for fitting into the swirl body.  Apparently Ibanez has changed their neck and body connecting pretty drastically.

I hope that hole diameter I put through the body for the neck screws don’t make them move around too much.  Oh well.

Jem Jr. Wrecked

Well, while trying to install the new bridge posts I managed to wack one too hard and the body and split.  So that’s a few hundred down the drain.  Joy.  Might buy a used RG or something and use the remaining parts with that guitar.  But the Jem is trash now.  The body was made out of pretty good material.  Now its just garbage…

New Jem Pickups

Just got the set of “Breed” (PD-166 and PD-165) pickups for my Jem.  I’m going to replace the standard pickups with are a bit low powered (like the new “Gravity Storm” pickups).  I’m going to start the install of the pickups and I should get the replacement Ibanez Lo Pro Edge tremolo.


New Members Added to the Stable

Just got two new guitars in the past few months.  Still working them out.  I’ve already ordered replacement parts for the Jem Jr. to upgrade the humbuckers and the bridge.  The bridge is a Floyd Rose 1000 and I’m replacing it with an Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge.

Ibanez Jem Jr.
Ibanez Jem Jr.

The Sterling SUB is pretty good on its own.  The pickups sound like Seymour Duncans.

Sterling SUB
Sterling SUB

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